Award Program Resources

Online Learning Hub

Most resources for delivery of an Award program is available to Award Coordinators and Award Leaders via the Online Learning Hub. All trained Award Leaders have access to this plentiful database.


Parent Permission Registration Form

This form is also downloadable via the Online Record Book (ORB)


Child Protection Policies

Financial Assistance Application (to be submitted by Award Units)

Delivering the Award Overview

An inclusive overview of the Award, including details on the fundamental components of the Award program, its impact and the benefits of implementing the Award within your organization, wrapping up with details on the necessary steps to licensing to run the Award.


International Gold Event 2020 Handbook

Assessor Resources

Assessor Report

Participants usually print an Assessor Report via the Online Record Book which captures their hours logged. This report is also available for download here.



Participants are required to set SMART goals and their Award Leader has instructed them on the tenets of SMART goals.

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