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The Award program shows young people that “There is more in you than you think.” The Award can be delivered in schools, sports and youth clubs, Scout groups, juvenile justice programs, and businesses. Essentially, anyone who works directly with young people!

If you’re already working with young people, the Award can be the ideal complement to your own program of activities.

Once you’re licensed to deliver the Award, we’ll train your adult staff and volunteers as Award Coordinators and Award Leaders to fulfill this vital and rewarding role.

Organizational benefits of delivering the Award

  • Framework Provides a framework that has stood the test of time in challenging young people to become their best selves.
  • Interconnection Fosters greater connectivity between the young person and the organization by forming individual relationships between adults serving as Award Leader and young people as Participants.
  • Partnerships Allows organizations to connect and build partnerships as young people seek to fulfill Award section requirements. For instance, the Award provides opportunities for service organizations to connect with physical fitness organizations as young people complete both their Service and Physical Recreation sections locally.
  • Foundation Builds a foundation of skills for young people, improving their prospects of securing a college/university placement or employment by doing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.
  • International Recognition Recognizes the achievements of young people worldwide using the same accreditation for their experiences.


How does it work?

Award Units are trained and licensed to operate The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.  Each Award Unit appoints at least two trained Award Coordinators / Leaders, who oversee the Award program. Award Leaders lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, approve their activity choices and goals, inspire their progress and validate completion of their Award.

Delivering the Award program to help young people complete their Award is an extremely enriching experience. Watch our Award Leader film to see for yourself.

Help The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA equip young people for life.

What is an Award Leader?

Award Leaders play a crucial role in the success of the Award: Your role is to engage young people in the program, and encourage and inspire Participants throughout their Award journey. Each Award Unit also specifies an Award Coordinator as the key point of contact and the person responsible for running the Award in their organization. In many cases, the Award Coordinator is also an Award Leader. Each organization has two or more Award Leaders to spread the work load and to ensure continuity, as the Award is usually completed over a 12 month period.

Award Coordinators and Leaders can be anyone from teachers to sports coaches to scout leaders, as long as they are appointed by their organization to do so. Each needs to have a positive attitude, proper training and an ability to form great relationships with young people.

Remember, it is not a sprint, but a marathon, and while many young people can complete the Award through effort over consecutive months, others may take longer and that’s OK. Just stand by them and provide regular support.

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