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Virtual Award Program

Whenever possible, we will connect young people to a local Award program to begin their Award. When there is no local program available, we will help to identify locations that may be interested in delivering the Award and/or add the young person to our waiting list for the Virtual Award Program (VAP).

Participants in the VAP work with trained and vetted Award Leaders remotely to complete the Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and Residential Project Sections. VAP Participants complete their Adventurous Journey independently, either with one of our licensed Registered Activity Providers or by putting together their own trip that meets all Award USA requirements and is approved by their Award Leader.  Complete the information below to register for our waiting list.

At this time we don’t have immediate openings in our VAP, but will contact you when we have available Award Leaders. If there is an organization in your community that might be interested in delivering the Award in person, we suggest that you consider sharing this opportunity with them! You may include the name of the organization and a contact in the form below, and we can reach out with additional information.

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