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Virtual Award Program

Whenever possible, we will connect young people to a local Award program to begin their Award. When there is no local program available, we will help to identify locations that may be interested in delivering the Award and/or add the young person to our waiting list for the Virtual Award Program (VAP).

Participants in the VAP work with trained and vetted Award Leaders remotely to complete the Skills, Service, Physical Recreation and Residential Project Sections. VAP Participants complete their Adventurous Journey with other VAP Participants through an open registration trip with one of our licensed Registered Activity Providers.  Complete the information below to register for our waiting list.

At this time we don’t have immediate openings in our VAP, but will contact you when we have available Award Leaders. Thus, we suggest that you consider sharing this opportunity with other young people at your school, after-school program or other organization! Please include the name of an adult who you think would make a great Award Leader. He/she would be trained to run an Award group at the organization with as little or a many young people as they wanted. Award programs can be located in schools, faith-based organizations, youth clubs, Scouting Councils, non-profit organizations, etc. After adding your contact information, please provide the name and contact information of an adult that you think would be great in bringing the Award to your local community!

If your organization is interested in delivering the Award Program, register here.


Interested Participants

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    You must be 14-24 years old to participate in the Award program.
  • Please include the Award Unit name, city, state and country as well as the month and year you completed it/them.
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