Registered Activity Providers (RAPs)

Registered Activity Providers

We are excited to share our network of Registered Activity Providers (RAPs) who are specifically trained to deliver Adventurous Journeys at each level of the Award! These organizations can be utilized by Award Centers and individual Participants alike when considering options for completing the Adventurous Journey Section of the Award. 

What is a RAP? 

Registered Activity Providers (RAPs) are organizations or groups that deliver activities or services that satisfy Adventurous Journey Section requirements. 

Why are we developing a network of RAPs? 

We recognize that for many young people, completing the Adventurous Journey can be a barrier to completion. Our aim is to create a network of RAPs able to support Award Centers and individual Participants across the United States so that young people have more options to complete their Awards! The organizations listed below have undergone specific Award training and understand the requirements for the Adventurous Journey. Whether it be providing hands-on skills courses via after-school or weekend workshops or facilitating pre-planned camp-style Adventurous Journeys, our RAP partners are experts in making the outdoors accessible to you!


We are proud to work with the following Registered Activity Providers to offer Adventurous Journeys:

If your organization is interested in becoming a Registered Activity Provider, please email today!

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