The contributions of corporate citizens enable The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA to make a tremendous difference every day for young people in our community, particularly those that are marginalized or at-risk. Learn more about our giving opportunities below, and be sure to read the latest news about how members of the Award in Business are supporting our mission.

Award in Business – Annual Partnership

Your donation powers the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA to deliver the Award to all young Americans who want to participate – from those down the street, to youth across the state and throughout the country. By making an investment in the Award USA, corporations support young people who are striving to become more confident and resilient, and develop their communication, problem-solving and leadership skills.

While the programs listed below are our signature Award in Business funding opportunities, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the impact your gift of any size can make.

Platinum Circle

Launched in summer 2017, our signature corporate giving program recognizes businesses that are interested in becoming a champion for marginalized youth in our country. All contributions made through the Platinum Circle program directly fund our scholarship assistance program and national office launch. This program provides the opportunity for at-risk and low-income youth to embark upon and complete their Award journey. Financial assistance grants provide coverage for Participant fees, potential fees associated with completing sections of the Award, and the costs to complete their Adventurous Journey.

Members of the Platinum Circle are designated a seat for their executive leadership on the Award in Business Council, an executive networking board that serves as a corporate steward for the Award and convenes annually for an exclusive social event.

Financial Commitment: $150,000 (payable over a three-year period)

In Good Company – Our Corporate Partners

Award Leader Virtual Mentoring Program

While financial support has a tremendous impact on the mission and work of the Award USA, our organization equally values the tremendous impact that our corporate volunteers can have on young people participating in the Award. And we believe we aren’t the only beneficiaries – our Award Leader Mentoring Program can increase employee engagement, improve your organization’s ability to recruit younger employees, and increases your brand visibility in the community.

The Award USA also makes volunteering easy. We have developed a smartphone app for Participants and their mentor Award Leaders to interact in a seamless and engaging forum. The app provides 24/7 access for volunteers to their Participants, allowing for the volunteer to engage with their Participants within the constraints of their own schedule. Training, call topics/coaching ideas, and support is offered by Award USA.

Campaign and Event Opportunities

During key times of year, we focus on reaching the American public with calls to action in support of the Award program and the young people who participate. When you align with our events or campaigns, you spotlight your company’s community commitment and provide an opportunity to engage that is meaningful to your customers and employees – all while receiving the benefits of aligning with the world’s largest youth achievement program.

Contact if interested.


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