Ready for the new "normal"

As COVID-19 continues to alter our daily operations across the country and around the world, Award USA has worked to expand our virtual framework. We continue to train volunteers and mentors and strive to provide the opportunity for any young person seeking access to Award USA to participate.

CEO Elizabeth Higgins-Beard recently sent out this open letter to our Award community, detailing the landscape and what we see ahead:

An open letter from Award USA


It has been six months since life around us began to change. With the arrival of COVID-19, we have seen many plans and programs halted. As a new school year begins, we must work together to support our young people.

We are ready.

Education and youth programs will continue to be altered this year.

A large-scale experiment is underway in university and school district classrooms as they attempt to utilize fully virtual and other mixed models of instruction. Young people are reporting feeling isolated, disconnected, and anxious. 

Award USA’s framework continues to guide participants forward. 


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