Volunteer with the Virtual Award Program

The Award USA values the tremendous impact that our volunteers from corporations and voluntary organizations can have on young people participating in the Award.

And we believe we aren’t the only beneficiaries – our Virtual Award Program (VAP) can increase employee engagement, improve your organization’s ability to recruit younger employees, and increases your brand visibility in the community.

Virtual Award Program Volunteers

Award Leaders in the VAP act as mentors, just as those in a local program do, but do so from their electronic devices.

Award USA provides virtual classroom space, online training modules and a smartphone app for Participants and their mentor Award Leaders to interact in a seamless and engaging forum. The app provides 24/7 access for volunteers to their Participants, allowing for the volunteer to engage with their Participants within the constraints of their own schedule.

At this time, volunteers must be connected to a business or organization to participate in the VAP.

How does my organization get involved?

Any business or voluntary organization can have your employees or members trained as Award Leaders to work within Award USA’s Virtual Award Program. If not already in place, we will coach you to include policies to ensure youth safety and engagement.

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