Becoming a Trained Award Coordinator

The Award can be delivered in schools, sports and youth clubs, Scout groups, juvenile justice programs, and businesses. Essentially, anyone who works directly with young people!

If you’re already working with young people, the Award can be the ideal complement to your own program of activities.

Once you’re licensed to deliver the Award, we’ll train your adult staff and volunteers as Award Coordinators and Award Leaders to fulfill this vital and rewarding role.

What is an Award Coordinator?

An Award Coordinator is the key point of contact and the person responsible for running the Award in their organization. In large organizations, there may be other volunteers who assist in the running of the Award, Award Leaders. As an Award Coordinator or Award Leader, you play a crucial role in the success of the Award. Without you, there would be no Award. Your role is to engage young people in the program, and encourage and inspire Participants throughout their Award journey.

Get Started As an Award Volunteer

    An Award Coordinator is an adult who coordinates the activities of the Award Program within their organization. Oftentimes, the Award Coordinator is also an Award Leader.
    An Award Leader is an adult who mentors, guides, and supports young people through their Award journey. They are responsible for ensuring the delivery of a high-quality Award program for Participants.
    Award Assessors must have experience and/or qualifications in the activity chosen by the young person within a section. An Assessor must be suitably skilled to verify that the Participant has achieved the requirements of the Award.
    The Adventurous Journey (AJ) requires adults with experience and interest in the outdoors. An AJ Supervisor both ensures the safety of participants while on their Adventurous Journey and maintains the standards of the Award. AJ Supervisors work with the team of Participants to ensure that they are adequately trained and prepared for their Journey. The AJ Assessor is tasked with maintaining the high standards of the Award and ensuring that the conditions of the Adventurous Journey section are fulfilled.
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