Registered Activity Providers (RAPs)

Participants in our virtual Award programs may complete an Adventurous Journey through a Registered Activity Provider (RAP). Additionally, not all Award Centers choose to train staff/volunteers to deliver their own Adventurous Journey. For programs that do not offer an Adventurous Journey internally, Award USA trains and licenses outdoor providers to deliver training, practice journeys and qualifying journeys.

Registered Activity Providers have the opportunity to offer customized Adventurous Journeys. A local RAP may be able to provide training via after-school or weekend workshops, a weekend practice journey and another weekend qualifying journey that is in line with participants’ school breaks.

Many also advertise pre-planned camp-style Adventurous Journeys that include the training, practice journey and qualifying journey within a 1-2 week camp. An entire Award Center or individual participants can sign up for the pre-planned Adventurous Journey.

We are proud to work with the following RAP to offer Adventurous Journeys:

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