Monthly prize winner for August 2017

Silver Participant, Mahfuza Akter, is awarded our August 2017 prize for her Adventurous Journey ‘story,’ a poem about her experience on her Adventurous Journey this summer.  She is receiving a backpack, donated by REI, Inc.!

We’d love to hear from you about your Award journey!  Each month, submit a ‘story’ about your Award experience.  This month, we are looking for “stories” about Physical Recreation–photos, poems, essays, videos, drawings, etc. are due by Sept 30 at #MyAwardUSA.

Life in the Woods

by Mahfuza Akter

Life in the wood is like

A little heaven which is creation of earth

Waking up in the early morning

While the birds are chirping

The morning sun shines like glitter

In the calm water

Suddenly the wind hits the water

While it goes in slow pace

In the lazy noon

The leaves rustle softly

with a touch of the wind

And the cicada’s buzzes

From behind the bushes and trees.

People get’s busy in city with works and study

But in woods, we get busy getting ready

Towards our new destination

And observing the variety of plants and animals

When the rain pours down

And wash up the earth

The earthworms come up

Trying to hide as quick as they can

With their slow plod.

The day goes slowly

While the sun is above the sky

The group of clouds moves in slow pace

Up in the cliff, the mountains are

Lined up continuously one after another

Around evening we look for fire woods

Together with friends and set it up

While it gets dark and chilly

Everyone sits around and gossip

How their day passed and

how much fun they had together.

Oh it’s getting late someone says

And people start going to bed

While some still sits on the cliff

Or lying down looking up the sky

Trying to find the constellation of the stars

Talking about how beautiful

The creation of the earth is!

Here we are like a big new family eating, working

And enjoying every single precious moment together.

We are always happy in here

And our happiness

Lead us to success

No one learns to give up in here cause

There are this family and friends

To inspire and motivate

Us towards our goals.

This is a place where I want to live forever

Happily with my precious little new family.

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