Documents for Award Participants and Programs

International Research

Benefits and Impacts Research Summer 2017

Do parents and administrators ask you about the benefit of running the Award Program? Do you wonder about the impact that the program has on your Participants? Each Award Unit should received information about the International Award Foundation-led research seeking to quantitatively demonstrate these benefits and this impact. Each Participant—and each young person in your program’s control group—is eligible to win an iPad for completing a 15-20 minute survey at the beginning of their Award level (or, if in a control group, at the time others are beginning the Award) and then at the end of their Award (or, if in a control group, six months later).


Interested VAP Participants

Appication to Enroll in the Virtual Award Program

Be sure that you know the steps to understand the Award, enroll in an introductory webinar and submit your application to participate.

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