Join us in Dallas,TX for an Award Coordinator Training / AJ Supervisors & Assessors Training

October  26-29, 2018, Camp Wisdom’s Billy Sowell Scout Camp in Dallas, TX

This conference will empower you to deliver the Award to young people as a Certified Award Coordinator and/or a Certified Adventurous Journey Supervisor and Assessor. This four-day conference consists of a suite of two separate 2-day courses:

Award Coordinator Course (for internationally valuable certification as an Award Leader) – providing Award volunteers with the knowledge and skills required to support Award Participants through their Award journey. This involves mentoring, reflection, and professional development using the Cognitive Coaching methodology.

Adventurous Journey (AJ) Supervisor and Assessor Course – providing the skills to prepare, conduct and evaluate an Award-specific outdoor adventure (AJ) in line with the experiential learning philosophy of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA.

Award Coordinator Training Oct 26-27th, 9am-5pm
Adventurous Journey Supervisor & Assessor Training Oct 28-29th, 9am-5pm

$250 per person, per course (training, meals, & lodging)
$150 per person, per course (training & lunch only)
Courses are not guaranteed until 3 weeks prior; please do not buy flights until emailed confirmation 3 weeks prior.

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