Scouting and the Award

The World Organization of Scouting Movement recognizes The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award as a notable achievement worldwide.

In July of 2019 at the World Jamboree over 600 attended a ceremony celebrating 200 young people recognized for earning their Award including Americans

In the United States of America, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA partners with a growing number of Councils to offer the Award.

The Boy Scouts of America is the best-known youth development program in the United States, while the Award is recognized worldwide with a globally-consistent framework and over millions of young adults have received Award recognition.

Participating in the Award program, BSA participants have the opportunity to achieve international recognition that is as well-known and well-respected around the world as their Eagle Scout award is known and respected in the United States.

Additionally, the Award has the potential to attract new Scouts. In locations without an Award Unit, any Participant who approaches the Award USA can be referred to a local Council within the state. Furthermore, participating in the Award could help STEM Scouts, Explorer Scouts, etc. to become Boy Scouts and/or Venturers as they fall in love with the outdoors via their Adventurous Journey.

In December 2017, the two organizations established a national partnership, encouraging Award programs and Scout programs across the USA to collaborate to serve young people.

Partner with the Award

If your District, Council or troop is interested in delivering the Award Program, please complete the form below to receive more information.  If you are interested in becoming a Registered Activity Provider only, please register here. If you are an individual Scout interested in doing your award, please register here.

Interested Scouting Organization

    An Award Leader is the adult who mentors, guides, and supports young people through their Award journey. They are responsible for ensuring the delivery of a high-quality Award program for Participants.
    Adventurous Journey (AJ) Supervisors and Assessors are adults with experience and interest in the outdoors. An AJ Supervisor both ensures the safety of participants while on their Adventurous Journey and maintains the standards of the Award. AJ Supervisors work with the team or Participants to ensure that they are adequately trained and prepared for their Journey. As in other sections of the Award, an AJ Assessor is tasked with maintaining the high standards of the Award and ensuring that the conditions of the AJ are fulfilled.
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