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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is global; any organization that works directly with young people can deliver the Award. If you would like to offer the Award to young people in your area, please contact our national office or the Northeast Regional office.

Organizational benefits of delivering the Award

  1. Framework Provides a framework that has stood the test of time in challenging young people to become their best selves.
  2. Interconnection Fosters greater connectivity between the young person and the organization by forming individual relationships between adults serving as Award Leader and young people as Participants.
  3. Partnerships Allows organizations to connect and build partnerships as young people seek to fulfill Award section requirements. For instance, the Award provides opportunities for service organizations to connect with physical fitness organizations as young people complete both their Service and Physical Recreation sections locally.
  4. Foundation Builds a foundation of skills for young people, improving their prospects of securing a college/university placement or employment by doing The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.
  5. International Recognition Recognizes the achievements of young people worldwide using the same accreditation for their experiences.


Get Started as a Volunteer

If your organization is interested in delivering the Award Program, start here.  If you are an individual interested in volunteering with an existing program, please submit the information below.

    An Award Coordinator is an adult who coordinates the activities of the Award Program within their organization. Oftentimes, the Award Coordinator is also an Award Leader.
    An Award Leader is an adult who mentors, guides, and supports young people through their Award journey. They are responsible for ensuring the delivery of a high-quality Award program for Participants.
    Award Assessors must have experience and/or qualifications in the activity chosen by the young person within a section. An Assessor must be suitably skilled to verify that the Participant has achieved the requirements of the Award.
    The Adventurous Journey (AJ) requires adults with experience and interest in the outdoors. An AJ Supervisor both ensures the safety of participants while on their Adventurous Journey and maintains the standards of the Award. AJ Supervisors work with the team of Participants to ensure that they are adequately trained and prepared for their Journey. The AJ Assessor is tasked with maintaining the high standards of the Award and ensuring that the conditions of the Adventurous Journey section are fulfilled.
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